Every type of environment exposes structures and assets to assorted attacking agents which degradate the construction materials, specially metals. All Projects include Paint Inspection duties according to the severity of the exposure environment to provide the longest durability of the elements.

Artico Paint inspection Hull

Under Water Hull

Immersed area is perhaps the most important surface to protect at any floating artifact but also the less visible.

Technical performance, corrosion protection and fouling prevention overrule the aesthetical aspects. Nevertheless, special vessels such as Fast ferries or racing Sailboats require additional features.

Paint inspection topsides


Topcoats might be confused with a merely cosmetic paint but is much more than that.

Despite that on Yacht Industry the appearance is a “must”, topcoats do provide indeed numerous added benefits for the protection of structures, mainly at marine and Industrial harsh environments.

Tank Paint Inspection

Tank lining

Tanks have a wide range of potential cargo to hold. That´s why the paint system must designed on purpose for each type as any coating failure provokes dramatic impacts on the normal use of the Tank.

Being one of the less known inspection areas, and considering the high costs of products and application, most of times requiring dry-docking or soft patch cut, these internals require high skilled applicators and strong qualified Paint inspection for a success.

Paint inspection FSPO


FPSOs, FLNGs, Oil Rigs, Subsea installations… paint Inspection projects with strict controls by severe testing plans, high safety requirements, and top level protective coatings to ensure the life expectancy of these non-stop facilities.

Gas Modules Paint inspection


The highly corrosive ambient on Power plants, Gas explotation fields, Oil refineries and Duct lines, in addition to the high safety requirements due to the explosion risks and cryogenic spills, require strong coating Inspection controls during building and maintenace of these industries.

Any failure due to corrosion could lead to cathastrofic consequences implying human loses, environmental disasters and a high economic impact.